10 Cars With The Worst Safety Ratings

Regarding motor vehicles, nothing is more essential than safety. Priority number one when purchasing a car, truck, or sport utility vehicle should be ensuring that you are driving a safe and dependable vehicle. Especially considering that not all automobiles are made equal and their safety records and features differ considerably.

Fortunately, there are organizations such as Consumer Reports that extensively assess and grade the safety of automobiles in several categories. This is essential information for consumers in the market for a new or pre-owned automobile. According to Consumer Reports, the following vehicles have the lowest safety ratings.

10 Cars With The Worst Safety Ratings

10. Lowest-Rated Subcompact: Mitsubishi Mirage

Consumers in the market for a subcompact vehicle may be attracted to the Mitsubishi Mirage’s starting price of $13,000 and its respectable gas mileage of 37 miles per gallon. Yet, these improvements cannot conceal the Mirage’s evident shortcomings, as it is a relatively small car. A poor three-cylinder engine that shakes at certain speeds, sluggish acceleration, and sticky brakes are examples of these defects. Add a tiny cabin and a low rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and you begin to understand the Mirage’s flaws. While Mitsubishi has promised improvements for the 2017 model year, such as increased horsepower, Android Auto integration, and enhanced brakes and handling, these upgrades are unlikely to conceal the reality that this subcompact car has poor safety and performance ratings.

9. Lowest rated compact car: Fiat 500L

The Fiat 500L is infamous for all the incorrect reasons. Not only is this automobile the worst rated compact vehicle by Consumer Reports, it also achieved the worst reliability of any new car in the company’s 2016 assessment of more than 740,000 vehicles. That’s approximately one million tested autos! The Italian-made automobile has been pointed out for a number of severe flaws. According to Consumer Reports, the hatchback received a poor road test grade due to its flat seats and strange driving stance, which make it difficult to operate. The 500L also received a bad grade in the IIHS’s small-overlap front crash test, and owner satisfaction ratings have been awful. The majority of owners surveyed regret purchasing this automobile. Ouch!

10 Cars With The Worst Safety Ratings

8. Lowest-Rated Midsized Sedan: Chrysler 200

You knew a Chrysler would appear somewhere on this list. And this year it is in the category for midsize sedans, where the oddly-named “200” received poor safety and overall ratings. Adding insult to injury for the Chrysler 200 is the fact that it competes in a segment filled with exceptional automobiles – superb alternatives to this ponderous mess. According to critics, the 200 drives like a vehicle from the dreadful 1970s, when Chrysler was notorious for producing one clunker after another. The vehicle’s handling is awkward, the driving experience is best described as “harsh,” and the four-cylinder engine falls short of expectations. In addition, many claim the backseats are so cramped that they experience claustrophobia. In addition, the transmission is described as “uncooperative,” and the vehicle’s dependability is rated as below average. If none of this is enough to deter you, consider that the Chrysler 200 has the lowest overall road test score in its midsize sedan class, as well as the lowest reliability rating. You’ve been warned!

7. Lowest-Rated Compact Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

In recent years, Mercedes-venerable Benz’s image has suffered primarily owing to the performance and quality of vehicles such as the CLA 250. Undeniably, the CLA 250’s performance is significantly inferior to what most people would anticipate from a Mercedes-branded vehicle. The engine and transmission have been criticized for lacking sophistication and power, and the powertrain is frequently sluggish. In addition, the CLA 250 has earned a reputation for being exceptionally rigid. It has been described as “difficult” to enter and exit the car, and the inside has been called “noisy” and “stifling.” Safety and dependability scores are much below average, and prospective purchasers should be aware that the $32,000 base price is for an extremely basic vehicle. Many luxury amenities that are standard on other Mercedes-Benz models must be purchased at a substantial premium.

6. Lowest-Rated Midsized Luxury Car: Lincoln MKS

Lincolns are sometimes referred to as “old man’s automobiles,” and the Lincoln MKS premium midsize sedan has been criticized for feeling both dated and worn out. Several critics, including Consumer Reports, have stated that the MKS has slipped behind other Lincoln models that they deem to be contemporary and remarkable. The MKS, which is essentially a large sedan based on the Ford Taurus, features an antiquated interior with poor visibility and a short trunk that some critics have deemed “useless.” The underpowered 3.7-liter V6 engine has contributed to poor dependability ratings and a poor safety rating from the IIHS. If you are in the market for a Lincoln, you would do well to consider alternatives.

10 Cars With The Worst Safety Ratings

5. Lowest-Rated Family SUV: Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey, indeed. The Journey, like all Dodge vehicles, competes primarily on the basis of pricing and affordability. It has a more enticing pricing point than many comparable sport utility vehicles, with a starting price of $20,000. Nevertheless, this vehicle does poorly in virtually every category. Consumer Reports found that the three-row Journey had a relatively cramped interior, poor handling, and the worst fuel economy in its class from its V6 engine. As if that weren’t awful enough, the Dodge Journey also received a below-average dependability rating and a terrible score in the IIHS small-overlap front crash test. The Journey is frequently offered at a discount by Dodge. Do not accept the bait. This SUV is not risk-worthy.

4. Lowest-Rated Luxury Compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport

It may be unexpected to find a Land Rover on this list. Land Rover has always been a leader in the compact sport utility vehicle sector and is a fairly renowned brand. Yet, auto specialists assert that Land Rover has declined in recent years. The Discovery Sport, for instance, has difficulty competing with other vehicles in its class. The unevenness of a turbo four-engine cylinder’s power has been questioned, and the transmission is neither smooth nor responsive. In addition, the majority of detractors assert that there is nothing about this SUV that could be construed as “sporty.” This compact SUV should be avoided due to its poor safety and dependability ratings as well as its high starting price of about $40,000.

3. Lowest-Rated Large Luxury SUV: Cadillac Escalade

A once-premium huge sport utility vehicle, the Cadillac Escalade has fallen on hard times. Few automotive experts nowadays would even consider the Escalade to be a luxury vehicle. Some assert that its handling is too stiff and that it lacks the fundamentals to compete with other luxury SUVs. Consumer Reports claims that the Escalade performed poorly in their tests. Despite its size, the inside is very crowded. The second row has uncomfortable seats, and the third row has nearly no legroom. The Escalade’s infotainment system has been deemed one of the worst in the auto industry. The fatal flaw of this automobile, however, is that it has the lowest safety rating in its class. All of this at a base price of slightly more than $85,000.

2. Lowest-Rated Minivan: Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country narrowly surpassed its brother the Dodge Grand Caravan to earn the distinction of worst-rated minivan. While neither car received high scores or ratings for safety or dependability, the Town & Country’s seats are the thinnest, lowest, and most unpleasant. The poor fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon is the very poorest among all minivans. In addition, the Town & Country fared poorly in the IIHS small-overlap front crash test. Chrysler appears to have given in to the criticism, since the Town & Country is being replaced by the widely promoted Pacifica, while the Dodge Grand Caravan is being canceled entirely. In the future months, however, you should reject the discounts given on these two minivans. They are not worth the inconveniences.

1. Lowest-Rated Green Car: Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This leads us to the “green” car section, or the category of vehicles that are supposedly beneficial for the environment – you know, fuel-efficient, clean-burning, etc. Or, entirely electric cars, depending on the situation. While this is a wonderful category of automobiles, not all green cars are deserving of the title. in particular the Mitsubishi i-MiEV Those who have criticized the i-MiEV assert that there is a reason why it is the least expensive all-electric vehicle on the market at $23,000. Some critics have compared this automobile to a golf cart. The i-MiEV is known for being slow, clumsy, and unresponsive, and its cabin is so small that the driver’s elbows frequently brush against the window glass while their hands are on the steering wheel. Moreover, the interior is really noisy. In addition, the battery life is terrible, allowing for only 56 miles of driving before it must be recharged. This vehicle scored poorly in terms of safety and dependability due to its diminutive size and inadequate range. According to others, the i-MiEV is more detrimental to the electric vehicle movement than high petrol costs.

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